Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing

Whatever your commercial fencing or industrial fencing requirements, ADS Fencing's comprehensive range is designed to meet it.

For example, our selection – including security fencing, metal gates and automatic gates – takes in:

Competitively priced close board fencing

Cost effective, our close board fencing range is ideal for all industrial and commercial properties where low to medium security is the priority.

Posts – timber or concrete – are available to a height of 3 metres.

Super-strong steel palisade fencing

Steel palisade fencingSteel palisade fencing provides both a visual and physical deterrent. Furthermore, this security fencing is regularly suggested and approved by high street insurance companies as one of the most cost-effective perimeter solutions for businesses of every type.

Available in standard heights, from 1.8m to 3.0m, on application it is also available in non-standard heights.

… and steel palisade gates to match

Also available to match your new steel palisade fencing are steel palisade pedestrian and vehicle access gates with optional automation. Single or double leaf, these dependable security gates include drop bolts and a sliding latch.

Site hoarding

Site hoardingHoardings are an important feature of any building site they offer security, privacy and improve the appearance of the site.
Our standard timber hoarding is 2.4M high consisting of 4no 100x50mm rails fixed to 150x75mm posts set at 2.4M centres and 650mm deep in concrete. Rails clad with 18mm WBP ply with 150x25mm header, 150x25mm kicker and 50x25mm cover strips to joints. All painted with two coats of ICI based oil paint.

As part of our hoarding service, we can supply and install gates for pedestrian and vehicle access, vision panels, lighting and access controls - e.g. a keypad.  We also offer next-day repairs for hoarding to ensure that risks to site personnel are kept to a minimum and site security is maintained.

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