Domestic Fencing

pane fenceDomestic fencing should not only look good but also enhance a property's appearance.

The ADS Fencing range, expertly erected by members of our highly efficient team, does just that thanks to wide choice and a great selection of wooden gates, automatic gates and driveway gates.

The range includes:

Pressure-treated close board fencing

All our close board fencing for boundary and perimeter use is pressure treated. Ideal for security purposes – and available in heights of 1.2m and 1.8m – it provides complete privacy and, at the same time, reduces noise pollution.

The installation work is carried out quickly and efficiently to give you an attractive continuous-flow fence.

Panel fencing in a range of styles

Our panel fencing can be erected using either wooden or concrete posts. A complete choice of styles ensures virtually any look is achievable.

Fashionable willow hurdles

Increasingly popular, willow hurdles give boundary and perimeter fencing a pleasing rustic look. Our hand-woven panels are available in heights of 1.2m and 1.8m.

Traditional picket fencing

This ornate boundary or perimeter fencing is available in a choice of round, pointed or flat-top rails.

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